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Genital warts. No one wants them. They are the most common STI out there though and most of the time are not a big deal. They are a bigger issue for women as the HPV strain that causes them can also cause cervical cancer. Also, some bumps look like warts but are pre cancerous growths. I say this because if you have bumps down there you need to get them looked at by a doctor. Don't wait. I discovered one down there thought it was a zit. Then three more grew. I made an appointment with the Doctor right away. I did still try apple cider vinegar before the appointment I think it helps bring them down a bit. But the doc just put acid on them to burn them off. It worked really well for two of them. I'm going back, two weeks later, for another treatment and I think it will get rid of them all. I have been using coconut oil and aloe Vera on the others to soothe and reduce inflammation. The doctor said if you smoke tobacco (not weed) the warts will stay for up to three years whereas if you don't smoke they usually go away in 12-18 months. Also take vitamin c, wear comfortable clothing that does not rub or restrict, and try to reduce stress, eat healthy and exercise. Tell your partner! It's only fair. Go get them treated at the doctor for fastest resolution. Planned parenthood will see males and females with no insurance.

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I tried the ACV alternate with Tee Tree Oil it works faster. At first i used the ACV overnight after 2 days i bought this TEa Tree Oil and use it everytime i will go for shopping. Change it if i need to go to the wash room and put TTO agin in a clean cotton balls. It works while washing u can feel that theire are dry skin was removed from my genital parts. I know it's healing yes so painful while applying this ACV but try it and most espeacially pray after cleaning thanks..

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