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Meclizine HCI 25 mg is good cure for dizzy spells created by a hangover. Rite Aid, Walgreens, and CVS have their own brands. The Brand name is Dramamine. It's usually used for motion sickness such as traveling long distances or if you are or choppy waters. Even though it is slightly sedative it's good for taking the edge off perhaps one of the Number 1 side effects of that Christmas party or you had that night out. It can help get your head together and more focused. People already know to do the usual of drinking sports drinks, getting rest, etc but the Motion Sickeness tablets (that contain Meclizine HCI 25 mg) are good. There are other Motion Sickness pills and tablets so make sure to read the ingredient list. Also people might say that Ginger is good but keep in mind Ginger is more for an "upset stomach" created by dizziness. But it's Meclizine that seems to pin point the root cause. - And keep in mind this is not a cure or proper treatment for alcoholism. But if you happened to binge by accident because you were having too much of a good time then an OTC (Over the counter) Home Remedy would be Motion Sickness pills. PS Coconut water is great for replacing more electrolytes naturally than sports drinks.

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