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I have a question.. I have tried just about everything that has been mentioned and nothing works. I take a super hot shower and it stops however it's back as soon as I get out. Doctors here won't listen to me about it.. is there anything I can tell a doc to make them listen? I am tired and would ovw to sleep.

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When I'm out of my medication I put a fresh bar of soap any kind place my ankle Bone on it maybe rubb my ankle Bone on the soap and sleep great


Our medical system was hijacked in the 1920s by the Rockefellers and other rich men who decided they had the power to do what they wanted and started closing all the alternative medical colleges and prosecuting doctors calling them Quacks. This was all done to make more money. Doctors now are trained to prescribe medication not to find solutions. You should try to find a Natural path doctor or Functional medicine doctor. Don't ever let your doctor put you on methadone, Neurontin, or benzodiazepines. They are not only addictive but when you try to go off them your RLS will be so much worse in addition to withdrawal symptoms. I wish I had known then what I know now.


What to tell your DR. Go to a different one, your dr wont treat you because he doesnt know anything about RLS. Go to A neurologist. Tell them your experience with your legs and tell them you need something. I did that and have been taking pramipexole .125mg. Yes that is .125mg before bed(about an hour before) every night. I have been on this for 8 years and the only time i experience rls now is if i forget to take my meds.

I didnt want to take meds, but, the alternative was not sleeping, grouchy moody and besically b*tchy. Im a single mom with three teens, no time for that.

It is the best thing i have done for myself and you will notice a difference. Fight for what you know. You know your body better than anyone, dont take no for an answer


Kim, I could not have said that better myself, all natural remedies are the way forward, people wonder why we get problems such as RLS but never stop to think that it could be the total garbage in our lifestyles, artifical foods and so on, not even water is clean and not to mention the amount of toxic drugs the masses consume on a daily basis, go natural and if it doesn't work just keep at it, detoxing your body is key and eating the right vitamins (not supplements) will go a long way. The people that pull the strings in this world are the ones who made natural remedies so expensive so we will go for the cheap substitutes which are no good! Just ask yourself why cannabis is illegal, before 1930 every single type of medicine contained hemp oil (they used to call it hemp back then instead of marijuana) because it treats over 110 different illnesses and diseases, all farmers grew hemp as well, but now in 2016 you have something like alcohol being perfectly accepted legally but cannabis oh no that's the devil's lettuce


try light tickling anywhere above the rls and make goosebumps or shake the legs like ur cold, only helps for a few moments.


goosebumps and tickling tummy or upper legs disrupts nerve signals and rls is instantly gone. comes back of course after awhile.

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