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Hi everybody

I've been dealing with Blepharitis for quite a few years now (read: forever sad... ) and haven't been able to find anything that really helps. I've tried baby shampoo, prescription shampoo, wet ones, special eye treatments etc. and none of those have worked for longer periods. Recently though I was told about a new product by my sister. So last week I bought a Style'n'Clean pen. It's basically an electric eyelashcurler but the difference is that it comes with small sponges you can attached which you can use to clean your eyes. The pen can rotate and heat up so you can clean your eyes way more effectively than anything I've ever tried. I bought it on sale where it comes with cleansing gel that is so good for my eyes. I use is every morning and it has really been a life saver. Hope that this can help some of you.

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Hi, can I buy this in the UK and if so where. Many thanks, Patricia


I will try anything and everything. I want a quality of life with this disease.

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