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sick and tired

I totally emphathize with you ladies this bv is a nightmare and annoying.It appears to return to me every month right before my period. What I usually use is teatree oil on a tampon.You will only need about two drops and add a little water before you insert the tampon in.Teatree is very potent so you have to mix with water. I been suffering again for about a year now with this mess and am fed up.I do have a odor but only during my period but it is not fishy though.It smells more like rotten meat. I eat a lot of sweets and am also under stress so this could be the result of my problem.Going to start the vitamin regimin again and try to cut out the sugar to see if that helps.God help us ladies its tough being a woman.

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There is a cure ladies... And its only 99 cent. Thats right ladies, praise me later. Anywho, suffered with that BV shit for years. After shopping at my local dollar tree i picked up an item called Assured fiminine vaginal wash " I am cured". No meds, no vaginal insets, no doctor. I cannot believe this is real. Ladies, listen up carefully!!!! Assured fiminine vaginal wash is only at dollar tree. I know you think this cant be possible, hell, im still checking my panties everyday because i just cant believe how powerful this stuff is. No smell no discharges no nonthing but pure freshness.....i really hope i save someone by writing this because this is what saved me.....God bless you ladies....goodluck


Did u wash with it


Do you still have it?

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