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bum clear :)

Hi i'v just tyed 2 of mine off with black cotton. I'v had them on my arse hole 4 over 7 years. Went 2 two doctors they wudnt do anything. I did 1 at a time. First 1 hurt like mad 4 the first 2 days. It swelled up went purple then black an shrivelled up. Bc it got smaller each day I tyed new Cotton realy tight over the other Cotton. After 4 days it was like a rasin was totally dead, didn't have any felling at all. So I cut it off with new scissors. Didn't feel a thing. I kept it very clean threw this whole process. Evan after they had gone. Second 1 died after 2 days an cut that off. My bum now feels great lol ;). Years of feeling down about it now I can wipe my arse all I want with no dangling ugly skin tags. 1 week it took me 2 get rid of both of the nasty things.

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day by day

you are so lucky. my process with dental floss is taking forever :(

bum clear :)

Put some cotton over it. An do it as tight as it goes. It will hurt but worth it ;)

bum clear :)

It will turn purple over night next look black. Keep it very clean. I pinched mine wiv my nails as hard as I cud 2 see if it had died. No feeling at all an cut straight off. Quicker the better get rid


What is black cotton?

No pain no gain !

I just tied mine with dental floss last night it's very uncomfortable, stinging n swollen a lot ! No colour change yet. Hope it works ???? it's the size of a small grape before n wide too. Had it about 6 yrs n it's gradually got bigger. Need it gone.

No pain no gain !

Ok well day had floss tied for 36 hrs had to remove as very painful and worried it's going to get infection. No change in colour or swelling reducing. Reckon this method not going to work for me.


I know it's probably not great advice coming from a nurse, but I was too embarrassed to go another route. I had a pretty large one that wasn't going anywhere just getting bigger. I took a straight razor to it. It was tender at first cut, then I just cut quick and was done. There was a lot of blood. So I hung out in the tub a while cleaning myself. I wouldn't even tell my husband. But I was so happy to be done with it. Not as painful as you might think...just hard to bring myself to do it. But now it's gone. More may come later, but at least I know how to handle it. I didn't cautarize bc damn that would burn. Lol. Just packed some tissue in there and used neospoin. There's no easy answer, but I'm not going to pay a doctor to do what I can do with more privacy.

Not brave

I am very disheartened about this process. But am unable to turn back as I very much doubt if get the floss off. And if I could what would I be left with? Worse off than I started with. It's the pain and discomfort I can't handle, the smell it bad too. I don't think I am tying the floss tight enough to cut the blood supply. :-(

Ugh done with them

I'd really like to tie mine off, however mine are more oblong. It's almost impossible to tie them..

Horrible ass

Has anyone used cryotag? I got this from boots. It's stated not to use on anus or buttocks but it's the same stuff the docs use apparently. Anyone tried this. I'm tempted to just try it . It's the freezing method. Tried to take it back when I read not to use in the area I have the horrible tag but they won't refund so that's £25 down the drain. Just wanted to know if anyone has tried it before I gave s go. Still building up my courage frightens incase I do more damage than good.

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