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DiVertigo is an all-natural remedy for vertigo symptom relief. DiVertigo can help people of all ages get quick, effective relief from vertigo symptoms without any pills or side effects. Found at local stores such as CVS, Walmart, Kinney Drugsand Meijer.

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Anyone has any comments on divertigo I been suffering for 6 days now and I tried almost everything else I'm buying this today and desperately like real feedback


I bought it months ago, and each time I've used it, it didn't work. I bought it at Walmart and have wished ever since that I could take it back. I'm not saying don't purchase it, I'm simply saying that it didn't work for me!


Do not buy divertigo or any supplements such as vitamins or other temperature sensitive meds from Walmart. I bought omega 3 gel caps and other supplements from Walmart and they were melted together. I found out later they were not kept in a cool enough environment. Walmart does not keep the pharmacy area cool enough.

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