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The remedy that is MY personal ole standby is HO2 Hydrogen Peroxide. I'm 52, yes 52 and still suffer from time to time with this dreaded nonsense. It only comes about when I am in under extreme stress, once the symptoms start I go directly for my HO2 and mix it with distilled water. I make a douche of 3 parts HO2 and 1 part distilled water. Now, here's the tricky part (if you plan on using this), lie down in the tub(use a towel if needed)and administer the solution very slowly. Allow it to bubble up and do its thing, I basically do this for three consecutive nights and viola! It's gone!

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For a woman who is sexually active, i would not reccomend douching everyday with any type of product other than water because eventually it will dry out you juice down there and u will find sex being very painful or unpleasing to your partner due to dryness. In my opinion, once a week is good enough. Avoiding soap is a major key to a healthy ph balance for a woman with bv. Use only fiminine vaginal wash. It is soap free and specifically made for vaginal issues. Also i dont reccomend summers ever, the make great smelling douches but their fiminine wash sucks....good luck

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