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I'm so happy I have found my cure!!!! I've had BV for about 3 weeks after taking an antibiotic to clear a UTI it made my vagina go out of whack or something. It was killing my self esteem and ruining my sex life. I was turning down my boyfriend for sex every day and I wouldn't even let him touch me out of fear that he would smell me. I've tried so many things! Coconut oil, probiotic pills, garlic, and yogurt. None of them worked except for inserting the yogurt into my vagina. But it would k my stop the discharge for 2 days and the smell for one day and it came right back. One day I just decided to take half a lemon and squeeze the juice and add a bottle of cold drinking water. I drank it and a couple hours later I squeezed the other half of the lemon and drank it with another cold bottle of drinking water. I kid you not, the discharge stopped within 2 hours after the second time!!!! The smell was very very much less noticeable the next day that I even had sex without so much worry. I only had one lemon so the next day I took half a lime and added it to cold water first thing in the morning before eating anything. Then about 6 hours later I did the same with the other half. I suggest trying this for a couple days and maybe it'll work for you! I tried all of these other expensive remedies before paying $1 for some lemons and limes thinking they'll work better but plain old lemons and limes did the trick. I will try to post a 1 week update for you ladies

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This remedy seemed to only work for me if I continued to take this drink every day or every other day after symptoms go away. If I stop, the symptoms slowly come back. Also, when my period went away the bv came back full blown the day after my period and I am still struggling to find a true cure.


Antibiotics my be the only cure that works from a doctor. I went to urgent care and they swabbed me and told me in 10 mins. They also said if the test came back negative it was possibly an sti or std like chlamydia or gonorrhea since the symptoms are so similar it is hard to tell the difference between bv and STIs/STDs

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