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I have had cold sores for 20 years and have tried the usual over the counter cures and was never satisfied. I decided to try everything I could think of to try and find a remedy that works. I tried various household cleaners etc. and noted what worked and what didn't. I found the ULTIMATE remedy this way. Of course when you start to feel one coming on, start taking L-Lysine (over the counter amino acid supplement) and this is a known healing aid but start putting on ATHLETE FOOT CREAM containing TOLNAFALTE. I like the .5 oz size because you can carry it easily in your pocket. Apply it lightly if you are at work or out etc. and it actually makes it look better. When you are at home or going to bed, put a nice blob on and let it dry. You won't believe the healing time. I've had the bubbled blister go to a scab in a little as 24 hours!!!! It is better than ANYTHING out there. Try it and you will be a believer!

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Is jock itch cream the same thing? I'm trying to heal mine and neosporin is not helping. Instead it creates a liquid.

Thankful reader

THANK YOU, TONY !!!!!!! Finally, something that really does work! I wish I could post a picture of the before and after. My blister was puffy and embarrassing by Tuesday evening. I put Lotrimin on it generously, and Wednesday morning the area was flat and could easily be covered with a little Burt Bee's. For the first time in my life, after trying everything from baking soda to Abreva, I found something that truly works!


Trying this as we speak woke up with a little fluid bumps and hoping to have it minimal by tomorrow

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