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Tooth had been bothering me for a couple of days over Thanksgiving break (no dentist available), and despite prescription mouthwash, the pain escalated. By Saturday, I was popping ibuprofen every couple of hours - not good, and the pain intensified to where the whole right side of my face was throbbing. At the time, I was hoping my dentist would be able to fit me in first thing Monday morning to yank it out. Meanwhile, I came here looking for some relief, while pounding some brandy to at least help me get to sleep. Saw the teabag method, and figured I didn't have anything to lose. By next morning, the hangover hurt more than the tooth. It was still tender, but I didn't require any pain medication for it. My wife also gave me a rinse with two drops one of her essential oils in it a couple of times during the day. By that evening, I could floss there without the tooth hurting. Sunday night, another tea bag. Got up Monday morning ready for work. By Tuesday, I was able to chew on that side. Have been keeping up the rinses with the oil, and a week later, it's like it never even happened. Unreal. Someone asked elsewhere, 'what kind of teabag?' I don't know - I'm not sure it matters. I think it's herbal, but the ones I used are a few years old and stored in a Mason jar with no labels. All I know is it worked!

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What essential oil did your wife have?


Iv been in so much pain I saw the t bag advice so I tried it last night before bed and this morning and the pain nearly gone Iv not tried eating yet tho fingers crossed it is working I only had pg tips lol


Please wot is the tag method


"To everyone with dental abscess pain." What I am about to say is going to make a few idiots loose their mind. But my Credentials speak for themselves. I'm a retired Physician. Specializing in General Surgery. 34 year career in Dallas Texas.

Abscesses Tooth Pain Relief!

For info watch this guy his info is right on the money.

If you have an apical abscess and the Tooth nerve is not exposed. The pressure inside the nerve is the cause of most of the discomfort and agony. You will need to drain this infection before you get any pain relief.

This is a little unorthodox but I had to do this while at sea on a sailboat in the Carribean. This is not for the faint hearted or squimish.

Find a tiny or small cobalt steel drill bit. Find a cordless drill. Install the drill bit. Have a mirror handy. Look in the mirror and place the drill bit on the affected Tooth. If the Tooth is decayed. Gently drill away the tooths enamel and let the drill penetrate the mid line just above the gum tissue. If it's not decayed drill into the enamel just above the gum into the pulp chamber. And once you have made a hole into the dental pulp chamber. Swig & swish saltwater around for 1min. And then gently make a vacuum by sucking. And the infection will relieve itself and the pain will instantly ease. As the infection drains out of the Tooth. Swish saltwater for several minutes. To clear the nasty stuff. Please don't swallow just spit it out. And the pressure will equalize in the Tooth pulp. And you will have instant pain relief. You will feel it equalize. Then see a Dentist ASAP. This advice is a SHTF or WROL situation. This information should be used only in dire emergencies. And do not think to yourself. After using this technique. YouRe fine & Ok and not go to the Dentist or other Physicians YOU WILL DIE from infection. Do yourself a favor and go see a Dentist.

This is for extreme rare emergencies. Honestly emergency room Physicians will not help you. They will throw pills at the problem or try to use lidocaine to help ease your pain. Or if the gum has a small bump. Will even drain the infection. But I think that's unlikely. Unless it's life threatening. But most of the time these inner city physicians in the USA will give you some pills recommend you see a dentist and send you on your way. So do yourself a favor. Just go to a Oral Surgeon or Dentist. It's cheaper and you will be better off. Trust me! I have no teeth anymore. And have implants. I've had plenty of practice!

Good Luck all.

An old Physician.

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