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I am so grateful I found this sight!!!! I developed an abscess out of the blue. I went to the doctor, who have me antibiotics and told me it would go away. It was larger than s golf ball and so painful I could hardly move. I followed all the advice re baths.... In fact I had about six in a day (desperate for it to work). Tea tree, turmeric and coconut oil. I also used a little tcp inbetween to keep it really clean. Anyway, it worked!!!! I have a tiny lump there now but am continuing with the turmeric. I use make up remover pads to apply and leave the pad... With a sanitary towel you needn't get dirty. Good luck to anyone with this. I was about to call out of hours for an a&e appointment but it wasn't necessary.

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Usually a total sceptic. BUt read this and it worked. I had a increasing abscess. I used tea tree oil and turmeric as explained. that woke up next morning the abscess had drained itself pain gone completely. HAd this problem twice over the years. THe first time it was diagnosed as hemorroids by 2 different Drs. pain worse that broken leg. while In hospital it burst by itself. unmistakable horrible smell of pus instant relief they never said it was abscess just a burst hemmaroid. 2nd time gp landed it instant relief. this time this worked 100\%. very grateful and reliefed


you did not say how you used these teatree, turmeric and coconut oil. Topical? or made a paste? Or?


You just used tea tree oil and turmeric powder, mixed them up, put in the gauze and placed in the bump overnight then the following morning its all gone? is that it?


Diamond Dermabrasion worked for me and my anal cyst that had developed a canal as well. I used it to suck out the impurities 2/3 times a week for a about six weeks and then bi weekly for about two months roughly and monthly for about 6 months even when there was nothing there. I use it as a preventable and it works. I use dermabrasion on my face and thought should work for my anal cyst as well and it did. If I feel that its trying to reoccur I tackle it right away and it goes. I do this in the privacy of my bedroom kind of awkward but if you can find someone to do it for you then do that. But Diamond Dermabrasion is a blessing for me.

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