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Thank you ladies for all your posts!! It has been a god send. So my symptoms started two weeks ago after the first time I had sex with my boyfriend. I was scared because of the strong fishy odor and yellow discharge and itchy! and embarrassing. So first, I tried soaking the tampon in coconut oil and leaving it in for a couple hours. It kind of helped, but as soon as I took it out, it all came back. so it was temp relief. Im still scared to put yogurt up there (cause how do i get it out..) but instead, for the last 3 days I started soaking in ACV + fenugreek/honey/lemon tea + yogurt w/live cultures as a snack. AMAZING! I think the immediate help is the ACV. it took the itch away immediately, the smell is almost nonexistent now and the discharge has reduced. Gonna keep it up for a while longer and try to eat yogurt at least daily and see where it goes. I tried this since I read of all the side effects from meds. I feel that this my body's way of telling me something isn't right and so aside from pills, my body needs different nourishment. That and I cant afford a doctor right Will post again once it's all back to normal :)

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That's great! I have tried the inserting yogurt into my vagina thing and it did work but only temporarily. Trust me the yogurt you put in will come out on it's own throughout the day, just like as if you are on your cycle it flushes out completely on its own but that's great your remedy worked for you


Im not judging, only trying to help when i say i can almost bet my last penny that the itch is due to the soap your using. Most gyns reccomend white soap, but being a woman with a senstitive ph balance, i would reccomend substituting bar soap to fiminine vaginal soap free wash. Also, if you smoke stop only worsens the smell and itchyness. Stay away from dr pepper and sweets... a 30 day water diet is hard but flush out your body while the vaginal wash helps to restore your vagina back to normal.....goodluck


So I'm not judging or anything but yellow discharge and a foul smell are symptoms for not just bv but also multiple stds and if it was the first time with your bf you could have gotten it from him. I only say this because those were my symptoms when I had chlamydia and the guy that gave it to me had zero symptoms and had, had it for almost a year. So he may not even know I pray you don't have an std but it is better to get checked then to find out years later and have fertility issues because of it or find out you PID because it was left untreated. Chlamydia(a gram of azithromycin) and gonorrhea (a shot) are the common ones and are pretty simple cures I don't know too much about the other ones that are curable but please get checked out I am only commenting out of concern please don't think I'm judging you or your boyfriend.

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