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Day 1.
At first sign of a Cold Sore, Apply Pure Vanilla Extract with a cotton swab as often as possable. This will dry the virus out but not cause scabbing.

Day 2.
Apply Abreva 4 times Daily. when each application is dry, apply a polysporin healing patch to keep the cold sore moist and free from scabbing. Be sure to wear the healing patch overnight.

Day 3.
Cold sore is virtually gone. Just keep it moist by using Blistex Lip Med ex, this has anti cold sore medication in it as well. If cold sore is still active, repeat day 2 again on day 3.

I find this application to be the fastest way to heal a cold sore, 2-3 days. It is completly tingle, pain & scab free if done correctly.

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I dab straight bleach with a cotton ball. Kills it everytime.

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