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I've been dealing with GH for about 5 years now and I've found some awesome tricks.

1)To help prevent outbreaks I wash with a pH balance soap Summers Eve is great. Use it daily, don't skip. Your pH has a lot to do with outbreaks.

2) When I get an outbreak I immediately start taking shots of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, it helps restore the pH balance.

3) Wear cotton underwear and breathable clothes, the less moisture down there the better.

4) Corn starch and baking soda both help to dry out the sores. Choose one or the other and apply by dipping a cotton ball in it and putting it on the sores.

5) Your underwear make great ice bag holders, take advantage of this 15 minutes every couple hours.

6) After you shower make sure to completely dry the area. I usually use a blow dryer to make sure.

7) Take an OTC pain reliever.

I hope this helps someone

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I have a question. I have GH for several years but I only had outbreaks like one or two blisters but recently developed genital psoriasis using treatment for that I believe causes flare ups of GH but this time I have multiple blisters and it far the worst flare up I have ever had. I have never used corn starch or soda. Will this burn because luke warm water burns right now.


Thank you!!


Is these doctors legit??

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