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An average woman's take..

I am a 33/year old female. I scrolled every page on here for days and was left more confused than aware. Here is my plain and simple opinion:

About a week ago I noticed a soreness and sensitivity throughout my entire vagina (found out later this is a sign of viral shedding and you are contagious)and then 2 days later came the massive outbreak of blisters and then ulcers.I counted about 42 total. Turns out I had a partner who wasn't so honest. I can only blame myself for not being safe I suppose. Because it was a long holiday weekend everything was closed. I tried to use home remedies I found on here and here is my (unprofessional but realistic) advice:

I tried to deal with this myself but I was miserable and emotionally and physically destroyed.
GO TO YOUR DOCTOR! I got Aclovyr and after 1 day my total and utter misery is starting to improve. I also found out I can take antivirals to prevent me from spreading this horrible virus.

Other things I tried:

Epson salt bath, hydrogen peroxide spray, antibiotic ointment, baking soda, Lysine, Corn starch, Vitamin C...

I bought everything I could find besides Propolis which I would try if I was set on home remedy but couldn't find locally). Nothing made me feel better or helped at all. The only thing that gave me any comfort was the bath because it cleaned the area well and then I blow dried. Not sure if the epsom salt helps- mostly stings but I highly recommend a couple baths a day- at least morning and night.

Everything I read was different. Some said dry it out some said keep it moist, etc.

My doc said nothing really helps significantly and most will do more harm to your comfort than good towards relief. She said the best thing you can do is take the antiviral, keep it clean (wash with warm water and mild soap if you can tolerate it), and wear very soft, light cotton underwear that won't irritate and let it breathe.

She also said if the dryness bothers you vaseline is ok and won't stunt the healing process.

Good luck and I am sorry this happened to you. Tell someone- it helped me a lot. Get the crying out, be mad, be sad, then let it go.. nothing you can do now but keep yourself healthy. And don't feel hopeless or alone- turns out a LOT more people than I thought are infected and living just fine with it.

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