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So after four days of horrible pain from sores around my vagina, sores that caused tears and muffled screams during unirnation, I went to RediCare. I had intended on waiting until I could see my doctor but the pain was so awful I couldn't. I should've just went to the E.R. like I did for my UTI, which now in comparison really wasn't as painful. Anyway, the nurse asked my the usual routine medical history questi questions and for how long I had the sores. My boyfriend of one year toom a few pictures to show the doctor because I'm horribly self conscious and it might help limit the time spent actually looking at me. Well the doctor didn't even look at me, he had a nurse help him do a culture and said I'd get the results next week. He told me he couldn't say what it might be because he didn't want to be wrong and didn't even try to give options for the pain when I asked. Now, two days later, I'm barely sleeping and the pai. Of urniating is so bad I'm limiting my fliuds.

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try sitting in a tub of water.. I hear that helps.. I have only had one outbreak (November1st) and it was aweful but I didnt have problems urinating.. I have not had anything in my vagina so cant say much but figured I could pass that info along. Im here searching for natural remedies

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