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This can also be used for dizzyness as I suffer from time to time for dizzyness,but it is due to the build up of wax and other things (dust,dirt ect) in my ears.Wax candels, they work, by ectracting wax and other things that build up on the inner ear.I did this just today and I was astounded by the wax and other stuff it took out.I feel better but not 100% as I need to do it again tomorrow,but considering I couldent stand,sit or move without being dizzy before and now it isint so bad,I'm sure that it will be better when I do it tomorrow. I also have no more ear ache which I'm very glad of.

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Chuck A

Hi, Bill S, I'd like to know what you did with the wax candles?


What did u do with the wax that made your ear feel better cuZ my ear is killing me right NOW


If you are talking about ear candeling/coning it definitely works. The smoke creates a vaccum that pushes ear wax up and through the hollow cone. However, if you know you have a hard wax buildup deep in your ear it will not work, because the earwax needs to be softened up first. After you have gotten all the ear wax you can get out, it will only start to irritate your ear.


Be careful not to use a wax candle too often because if it takes out too much wax, you will get a hole in your eardrum, it happened to my mom. that pain was worse than her ear ache. 1-3 times is fine per couple months


a nice natural method! but remember the body naturally moves the cerumen (wax), skin cells, hair and other objects towards the other ear canal naturally so use heavy wax removal methods sparingly if possible.

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