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This is to/ I love my great Dane! Any type of garlic is poison to animals,it will kill your dog. Please be sure to check and Re:check before you decide to do any thing for your pet/s.No powder garlic as its loaded with salt and fresh garlic is just as dangerous. Ask questions,do many web searches etc. okay? good luck.

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The reason why Vets say garlic is poison for dogs people tend to give the same amount as humans, instead of a few slices


Our dogs have garlic regularly and have never had ill effects. It is not a poison!


I have been feeding around 1 clove of garlic each to all of my 5 dogs daily since they were all puppies (ages now, 1 1/2, 2, 3, 3 & 7 and they are flea free. I've witnessed fleas jump on my dogs, and promptly jump back off after a few seconds, as they hate the smell of garlic! All of my dogs are in excellent health, also.

Garlic and onions are from the same veggie family, but the chemical that is harmful to dogs, allium, is high in onions, but is only found in trace amounts in garlic. Too much, however, can cause a breakdown in red blood cells, so always use in moderation! Small dogs should not receive more than a small clove per day, large dogs, no more than 1 or 2 cloves. Garlic is powerful stuff, so it doesn't take a lot to do a lot. :-)


I`m agree garlic won`t hurt your dog.

No dog will eat raw garlic but in a good

(human)meal they just love it.


Garlic will not hurt your dog- I've given my dog a garlic pill every day for years to keep fleas off of him. Considering he's now 11, it's easy to say it won't kill your dog.


GARLIC will NOT KILL your dog! Its actually very good at keeping flees away! As well as alot more heath benefits! Idk where you got your information but My great grandmother told me this Many many yrs ago as well as Dogs ago!


I buy a special garlic dog food for gut health this is the mosy ridivulous claim ever saying dog cant have garlic wtf

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