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Ms. Saenz

I have been suffering in and out of pain in my tooth for years. I have tried it all, since I am uninsured and too broke to go to the dentist. I admit my oral hygiene is not great, and now when I have tooth pain, not only does it feel like a nail being driven down my tooth, but also feels like someone punched me hard in the cheek. The pain is always in the same spot, so I can kind of pinpoint the problem area, but with everything I've tried, either my tooth is now immune to medicine, or the treatments are too weak. Either way, I finally found something that worked! 'Sting Relief'. It may say for insect bites but ingredients are Ethyl Alcohol 50.0% (First Aid Antiseptic) and Lidocaine HCI 2.0% (Topical Analgesic). I tried a dab on the problem area (careful not to swallow) and it hurt like hell for a while (being that it was cold on something soo sensitive), but once it died down, so did the pain. Not sure how long it will be good for, but something is something. Oragel sucked for me.

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