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I have been deployed for 4 months and was diagnosed with anal warts. I never had them before and have been happily married for 15 years and never had any homosexual escapades in my life. However, I am living in a place where we have to through used toilet paper in the trash can next to the toilets. They get filled and overflow in the stalls. There are so many other unsanitary practices that it is disgusting just going to the shower or bathroom. I am positive I a got these things out here, but the ignorant medic had his own ideas.

He proceeded to ask if I was homosexual and when I told him no, he acted like I was lying. Instead of dealing with him, I just asked him how to get rid of them. He told me that it would take multiple trips to the doctor on a different base and possibly surgery. As you would expect I left devastated and pissed.

First thing I did was jump on the Internet and lookup 1. how it is contracted, and 2. how to get rid of them. I found on multiple professional websites that HPV can be contracted from sharing a towel, or other garment. I am sure HPV in these cesspools we call bathrooms and showers!

I also, found this amazing site and I read the many posts of people curing themselves with ACV. Being deployed I did not have ACV, but I was able to get white vinegar from the dining facility, So I thought I would give it a try.

OH MAN!!!!
Night one, I did like others and soaked a cotton ball in the vinegar and stuck in in between my butt. I also bought these big bandages and applied it to hold the cotton in place. Day one I had some burning, but nothing to painful. I left it on about 6 hours through the night. The next day I looked and say them turning white. I had a pea sized one, two confetti sized ones and about 5 smaller bumps. The bigger ones were again turning white and the skin on my entire anus was red and irritated. In the morning I showered and used cotton to dry my anus. It looked worse because the made the warts swell and the smaller ones were raised more. It looked bad, but I knew after reading on this site that this was expected.

The second night I applied the cotton soaked vinegar and this time it burned terribly. I had to bite down and bare it because I knew it was working. The next morning I took a shower and now the warts were not only white, but turning a black color and they skin was softer. Seeing this I decided to apply another cotton after showering and left it on during the day. This burned like a fire for about 2 hours. I was squirming like I had ants in my pants at work!

But, that night my anus felt very wet and when I took a shower and cleaned my anus with antibacterial soap and my fingers, I felt a very slimy like texture on my hand. As I washed, it started noticing there were no more bumps, the pea sized and confetti sized warts were completely gone! I almost screamed in joy, but contained my self.

I rinsed and dried off. This time I applied peroxide and antibiotic ointment (Neosporin). My anus was completely raw and swollen, but it was 80 percent better. I went to work with a swollen, sore anus, but it was nice to know the big warts were defeated. I cleaned and applied peroxide and Neosporin twice that day. The third morning I took a shower and this time when I cleaned the area, it was completely smooth! I thank everyone on this site for sharing your experience and your positive encouragement!

I am no just trying to heal and keep it clean over the next week. If you are in the same situation, just stay positive and don't let doctors or others get you down. Three days and my warts are gone! I know HPV could still be in my system and they can come back, but I will definitely be watching carefully.

Thanks everyone!

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Were your warts both outside and inside?


I had small anal wrats for for 2 years unknowingly little did i know up until last week when i found out that i have hpv, i am in day 2 i started yesterday, today i am in pains hey but i am not giving up as i saw them turning white hoping that tomorrow it will be completely gone, or getting better.


They were outside as far as I can tell. They all seem to be gone.


Hi all, need help. what if you have anal warts beside a hemorrhoid. is it safe to use ACV to remove warts? thanks!


ACV does not seem to bother hemorrhoids.


I tried using the white vinegar since I can't find any ACV here in our place and I am soooooo happy that I did! After 4 days, almost all my GW have disappeared including a really big one. There are only 2 dot sized GW that remains. I soaked a cotton ball with white vinegar and bandaged it to the area and left it for about 2-3hrs. If I can take it, I do it twice a day but most of the time I do it once a day since it hurts like hell but it is definitely worth it! Thanks a lot for sharing about the white vinegar. I owe you big time!


Your posting is very helpful. I have been monogamous for 30 years, and straight. I discovered anal warts after returning from my fourth deployment. No one seems to believe that I didn’t get them from recent sex.

ACV worked for me for a while, but they returned about a month later. I will be trying tea tree oil soon. It smells awful so I’m looking for something to mix it with that smells better and may make it a little more diluted.

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