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ive been suffering from toothaches cause by my right wisdom tooth. it never gave me problems until it broke & it has given me hell ever since ive tried all type of pills & remedies nothing worked except BC acetaminophen fast relief. Poor it directly in the hole of the tooth. The first time i tried this it made the pain worst felt like my brain was going to explode but surprisingly 20mins. later the pain was absolutely gone! the headache and earache that came along with it also stopped. ever since then that has been my cure & it works instantly now it doesnt give me the excruciating pain it did the first time. i get instant relief in a matter of 10mins. The best cure is to get it pulled seriously tooth aches can kill you & when u get it pulled make sure you take antibiotics for about 2weeks to clear the infection. If a dentist pulls your tooth while u still have a infection in your tooth your going to have major problems my friend.

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Girlfriend tried it, she's grateful because it sooth the pain pretty fast. Of course going to dentist is best option, but not the quickest cost efficient option but BC works!!!!!


What is bc


bc powder is something you can buy at just about any conveince store.

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