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Day by day

I have begun my journey of anal tag ligation with dental floss. I am currently on my third day. This is what has been going on so far...
Day 1 : tag swelled up a few hours after tying it off and very pink in color. Minimal discomfort
Day 2: tag still swollen and pink, very tender to the touch.
Day 3: tag still swollen, paler in color but still punk. Very tender to touch.

The hardest part is keeping it very clean. After a BM I have been showering and then cleaning with witch hazel or peroxide. I have been switching it up. At night I have been soaking it with tea tree oil on a cotton ball an removing it before bed.

I recommend starting on a Friday night if you have off on Saturday and Sunday that way you can be home and keep it very clean after using the bathroom.

I will keep you posted on my symptoms and hopefully a success!

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Hi day by day... I removed the floss already. I decided just to let it go to remove any pain. I have lot of things to do especially holiday season... I cant spare my time just to bear and suffer any pain at this time. Im sorry for what happened to you, hope you feel better soon. As of now i dont know what will be my next move to remove it..

And same question whats the black cotton thing?


I am on day 10 of removing my skin tag that is in my anal crack. It was the size of a small grape. I used dental floss and slowly tied the tag tighter and tighter each day. About day 6 it started to really hurt and I was scared of infection as others had noted. However, I kept it clean using a warm water rag and Neosporin. At day 10 it is completely dried up and looks like a raisin. There was some swelling at first, but then it turned purple and hurt really pretty badly, however, this pain is totally tolerable for the end result of having this unsightly growth removed my behind. I will update as soon as it falls off.

Not brave

I have been reading with interest the entries and accounts of everyone's experiences of removing these horrible things themselves. I too am on day two of this process.

I just want to emphasise the sheer pain that comes with this process is totally unlike any other pain, there's no easing the discomfort or relief. Bending down and sitting down are excruciating. So me having to drive a lot has been total hell.

Day 2 is less painful than day 1 was and I did manage some sleep last night. I have my fingers crossed and wish everyone out there embarking on this exquisitely atrocious procedure the best of luck. I would love to hear some success stories to keep me motivated!


Hi everyone! Hello Day by Day how are you? Im back. Well since i stopped the floss already i noticed the tag ofcourse is still there no pain or whatso ever. But im thinking of consulting a doctor since i really want to get rid of this. Much of the stories shared says its under the Colorectal section who did the cut on their tags. I just hope I can find one here.


Thanks much J for sharing your story. Hope we hear from you soon.

To Not Brave, the pain will last until 4th-6th day based on my experience. If you will ask me, i will not suggest the floss method coz it didnt work for me. I would suggest to see the doctor instead. Suffer the minutes or hours of pain from the anesthesia injection then cut or suffer the pain by DIY method. Still up to you. If you have the guts cut it with a blade. I think scissors is a bad choice. But then again these are just my opinion.

Not brave

Thanks for the advice. To be honest by day 5 the pain was so bad I had to remove the tape. Now I'm trying apple cider vinager and keeping my fingers crossed. I would love to avoid the doctors!!

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