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Day by day

I have begun my journey of anal tag ligation with dental floss. I am currently on my third day. This is what has been going on so far...
Day 1 : tag swelled up a few hours after tying it off and very pink in color. Minimal discomfort
Day 2: tag still swollen and pink, very tender to the touch.
Day 3: tag still swollen, paler in color but still punk. Very tender to touch.

The hardest part is keeping it very clean. After a BM I have been showering and then cleaning with witch hazel or peroxide. I have been switching it up. At night I have been soaking it with tea tree oil on a cotton ball an removing it before bed.

I recommend starting on a Friday night if you have off on Saturday and Sunday that way you can be home and keep it very clean after using the bathroom.

I will keep you posted on my symptoms and hopefully a success!

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10th day- zero pain. Still hanging. Previous floss still there. I noticed that the area where the floss tightened show a little scar. Not surprised at all since i walk and seat a lot. Possible the skins rubbed thats why.

To L- just like day by day. From a small single raisin then doubled it size.

Day by day

How's it going Wishy? I hope better progress than what I'm experiencing.

I'm still 'hanging' in there....


Hello Day by day! Doin good. Feeling painless. Im thinking 2x if i should tie it again once i removed the old floss. It reminds me again the pain and consequences. I dont know. =(


11th day- still hanging. I am tempted to twist it then cut! Lol! Im still not decided whether to add another floss. But still doing my routine to make sure the area is clean.

Day by day

Hey Wishy! Let me know if you get brave enough to cut it off. I just can't bring myself to do it! I have read that some used ambesol to numb it and didn't feel any pain when they cut it off.

I lost count on my days. I'm so over this.


Don't do it I did and it became infected had to have it cut off it is so bad! The 4 shots of novicane were bad enough now 2 weeks of antibiotics !

Day by day

Last night I tried to cut the damn thing off but I failed. I was doing little snips bc I was afraid to do the big cut. It bled like crazy.
This morning the tag is dark purple and swollen and the stalk where I snipped is very sore and still bleeding. I hope I cut off the main blood supply so this stupid thing falls off. Right now I don't have floss on it and I can't put one now since it's an open wound :(

Day by day

This thing is still bleeding all day. Not sure if it's the base or if it's the tag draining out blood. I am hoping this thing will die and fall off. I can't tie it off right now since I still have pain where I was cutting. :(

bum clear :)

Hi i'v just tyed 2 of mine off with black cotton. I'v had them on my arse hole 4 over 7 years. Went 2 two doctors they wudnt do anything. I did 1 at a time. First 1 hurt like mad 4 the first 2 days. It swelled up went purple then black an shrivelled up. Bc it got smaller each day I tyed new Cotton realy tight over the other Cotton. After 4 days it was like a rasin was totally dead, didn't have any felling at all. So I cut it off with new scissors. Didn't feel a thing. I kept it very clean threw this whole process. Evan after they had gone. Second 1 died after 2 days an cut that off. My bum now feels great lol ;). Years of feeling down about it now I can wipe my arse all I want with no dangling ugly skin tags. 1 week it took me 2 get rid of both of the nasty things.

Day by day

Wishy.. How are you?

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