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Day by day

I have begun my journey of anal tag ligation with dental floss. I am currently on my third day. This is what has been going on so far...
Day 1 : tag swelled up a few hours after tying it off and very pink in color. Minimal discomfort
Day 2: tag still swollen and pink, very tender to the touch.
Day 3: tag still swollen, paler in color but still punk. Very tender to touch.

The hardest part is keeping it very clean. After a BM I have been showering and then cleaning with witch hazel or peroxide. I have been switching it up. At night I have been soaking it with tea tree oil on a cotton ball an removing it before bed.

I recommend starting on a Friday night if you have off on Saturday and Sunday that way you can be home and keep it very clean after using the bathroom.

I will keep you posted on my symptoms and hopefully a success!

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5th day now Day by Day.. I have the discomfort feeling. If im in bed for too long it hurts when I seat. less pain when im standing and walking. but when Im gonna seat it starts to feel pain. I have to take pain reliever so I can do my day to day activities. Im getting frustrated. But everything I read your progress and it pushes me to keep moving. Im looking for a tea tree oil available nearby so i can use it like what you did. Im just worried cauase I can see another small bump beside the tag, hoping this will not grow and create another tag. How about you?


hi day by day.. another day! so far ive survived the pain by taking the pain reliever. I can now see this discharge too that you mentioned, the yellowish one? well for me its a good sign maybe? lol this time since i havent buy the tea tree oil, i did try to use the petroleum gel and it for some reason it relieved the pain. Whew! I didnt add any floss now. But then i can see another small lump beside the tag and that worries me. how about you?

Day by day

How's it going Wishy?

Day 12 : I was able to cut off all of the old floss and tied a new one on tight hoping this will be over soon. The tag is hanging but there's still too much attached for me to just rip it off.

Day 13: I started my period today:( now I have two pain in the ass issues to deal with. I'm hoping they will both be done at the same time so I can get on with my life. The tag seems to be hanging a bit looser since I put on the new floss yesterday.

Side note, I fell asleep with tea tree oil on a cotton ball and it caused a lot of irritation to the surrounding tissues. I have two sores now that I am treating with neosporin.


7⃣th day- hi day by day! A lot of improvement when it comes to pain. I was able to do my groceries from 3pm-7pm. Walk and walk and walk. Wheeew! The tag is still there im not yet thinking of adding another floss since i miss the feeling of painless. It bothered me about your tea tree oil so i just bought peroxide and betadine just to make sure it will not get infected. How are you so far? Hope you feel better too. And we're on the same page hoping to get rid of this and end soon.


My little girl age 4 has had skin tags on Her anus since birth.they have got much bigger and she screams at night in pain. Doc has said just to leave them because recovery from removal is a risk of infection and painful to u think we should go for op

Day by day

Hi wishy. I missed your post about the lump on the side. I don't have a lump on the side but more underneath. It's kind of like the tag is peeling off so where it is disconnecting there is a lump underneath. I'm guessung the surrounding areas are just swelling due to all of the trauma and we wont know what we have left until it's all over.
Tea tree oil should be fine if you dilute it like you're supposed to. I was using it full strength out of desperation. I will use it again correctly once the area heals.

To the new poster listed as anonymous with the 4 year old... I would not tamper with her anal tags. It would be very hard for a 4 year old to keep that area extra clean and can lead to infection. Also her bowel habits can interfere with anal tag treatment.
I would suggest helping her avoid constipation by offering a diet full of fiber and a lot of water. Drs typically dont do anything about anal skin tags since they are harmless


8th day- hi day by day! 1-10, 10 is painful, i would say 2. Isnt it great!! Lol! 2- is when im so careless seating down. On the other hand was able to do my laundry already. No floss added. I noticed that the more physical activity i do the less pain. I do still my daily routine just to make sure it wont get any infection. I do it 2x a day. When i wke up after shower and before i sleep. I use cotton buds so i can make sure i was able to clean it especially the sides and near the anus. Peroxide then betadine then petroleum gel. The color of it is more grayish now i hope its a good sign.

I agree to the 4 yr old kid. It will be hard on the kid and to you. So just monitor the food intake. More fiber and water too. I think its too early for you to let your kid undergo any operation just to remove it. who knows it might disappear as he/she grow. To add, monitor the size of the tag as well. If its growing, thats the time you have to consult again the doctor. cheers!

Day by day

Day 15 hanging very loose. I had to add another floss today. No pain at all


Hi, can I ask how big or roughly what size the skin tags are? I Am debating doing this method but I'm quite scared. Mine is the size of a small grape

Day by day

Day 17: added another floss since the others seemed loose. The tag is still hanging.. No pain

To L : mine was like a a small raisin when I first tied it off. Then it swelled to the size of a small grape.. Now it's bigger than what it started but not round or swollen. Just hanging like a raisin lol

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