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Day by day

I have begun my journey of anal tag ligation with dental floss. I am currently on my third day. This is what has been going on so far...
Day 1 : tag swelled up a few hours after tying it off and very pink in color. Minimal discomfort
Day 2: tag still swollen and pink, very tender to the touch.
Day 3: tag still swollen, paler in color but still punk. Very tender to touch.

The hardest part is keeping it very clean. After a BM I have been showering and then cleaning with witch hazel or peroxide. I have been switching it up. At night I have been soaking it with tea tree oil on a cotton ball an removing it before bed.

I recommend starting on a Friday night if you have off on Saturday and Sunday that way you can be home and keep it very clean after using the bathroom.

I will keep you posted on my symptoms and hopefully a success!

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Day by day

Today is day 4. No changes since yesterday. The tag is pale pink and less swollen than the first two days. The tag is only sensitive when I touch it.

Day by Day

Day 5.. Starting to feel defeated. My tag still looks very much 'alive'. It's still pink and still tender to touch only.
I have noticed an odor and some yellow on my panty liner.(I wear a liner so I could treat the tag with a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel, peroxide, or tea tree oil without ruining my clothes) I'm guessing it's puss. I'm not sure if this is good or bad.
I really hope to bring you a success story and that my day by day post will help you know what to expect.

Day by day

Day 6.. I added another piece of dental floss since there hasn't been much progress. The skin tag is still pink and tender to touch

Day 7.. Sma change with additional piece of floss. The skin tag seems like it's 'hanging' a bit. Maybe it's starting to come loose like a loose tooth?? Or it may be wishful thinking. It's still pink and tender to touch


* some change


How is it?


Im starting my journey too few minutes ago. Well i will consider this day1 after 1 1/2 hours battling with the knot. Lol! Hope to see your progress. I will post mine too =) goodluck to us!

Day by day

Good luck to you anonymous! I hope my day by day report helps you. I'm doing this b/c I wish someone else had done it so I'd know what to expect

Day 8... tag seems to be loose and hanging :) . It is still pink and not as tender now, it only hurts if I pull on the floss by accident. It does have an odor bur I don't see any more puss or yellow on my panty liner.

I am female btw. And hoping I don't start my period while I'm dealing with this! But I think it's coming any day... ughh

Hopefully this will all be over soon!


Yes indeed! Your post helps a lot. Female here too! Its my 2nd day today. I decided to add some cottons dipped in apple cider but i did it in the morning so evrytime i need to pee or b/m , i need to change it so i would recommend doing it at night before sleeping and let it stay and remove when you wake up. Apple cider helps other skin tags, but im not sure if it will work on our case but then i want to try it since i have it at home, no harm in trying... Aside from its strong smell! Haha so my day 2 i can see the changes, the size of mine hmmm i cant say it doubled or should i say it gets bigger from its original size. Im not surprised at all since i expected it already based on the blogs ive read. And yes you are correct theres pain but its bearable ayt? I just put another floss and doubled the knot. I will continue to post the progress again. If only i can just grab a scissor and cut it right now!! Lol! Well patience is a virtue.


Hey Day by day how is it going? I think its my 4th day now if im not mistaken. I decided to tie another floss. Heres the thing, im starting to feel uncomfy already. Yes theres pain already. But again no pain no gain! Lol! So i cme to the point that im so irritated by this burning sensation. On that area ok? Not the other sensation. So im on the process of prep the things i needed to cut it. Yes thats right i want to cut it to end this. Im on that moment already however suddenly all this adrenaline of excitement switch into fear. I decided to wait more days. Yup i didnt do it today. moreeeee patience! =)

Day by day

Hey wishy! I am in day 10 and it's still hanging.. It's seems to be hanging more so hopefully it will be coming off soon!
I am able to twist it so I do that in the shower.
I don't have any pain unless I pull at the floss a certain way.
I am really trying not to cut it off because I want to get a true sense of how this ligation works so others can get an idea of how long and what to expect.
So hopefully not much longer now!

Good luck to you.. Keep us posted!

Next time I will probably go straight for cutting it off if it comes back.

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