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I've been doing research on how to help heal GH & I constantly see recommendations to use Manuka Raw Honey. So I got the honey & applied it a few hours ago & as soon as I applied it it started stinging & burning me like crazy & it lasted for about 10-15 minutes before it began to subside. Has anyone ever used Manuka Honey on there sores & if so did the same thing happen? Is this normal? If it's, not any suggestions on what I should do??

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Monique, please email me at and let me know we're you completely healed or did the symptoms just subside.


I did this once. The honey, not the African herbs thing.

It didn't sting at all but did help quicken the heal time. But ingesting the honey has to do more good for you body and health, I thought. Sooooo I just eat it now andI switched to honey propolis cream, helped the same. I would stick to eating the honey to help from the inside and the cream for the out.

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