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help! about a month ago, i started off with 1 boil on my vaginal lip. applied some mucipiron ointment to it, didnt go away. a few days later, 2 more bils pop up on the same lip, about 3cm apart from one another. then i start applying the oint ment to those now. washing my hands before and after applying it to each one. change my underwear often as well. then i got on on the other lip... then started to panic.!! none of them hurt, stung a little, but not often. everntualy the very fist one that started all this, came to a head an popped. and so did one other one. 3rd on is still there and the one in my other lipe is as well. now i have a new one on the other one where the 2nd one was, and this one hurts a very little bit, like very little. ive been doing warm compresses abd drawing salve and mucipirin ointment, and washing and being clean as always. BUt what am i doing wrong? why wont they going away? im so confused, they dont hurt, they arent big at all and dont form a head. and also 2 of then are dark colored, and the newest one as 2 little spot on it. like the stub of a hair when you shave! but i dont shave and i dont think its hair, because when i felt it i dont feel anything. and i dont have a fever. HELP! should i go to the doctor. im too scared to possibly have it lanced, i cant handle that much pain. and im embarrassed as well. any suggestions or know whats going with me?

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are you sure its not a std? you may need to go get checked honey. good luck.


Sounds like you have a herpes outbreak! Go to the doctor ASAP because the longer you out it off the worse it will get. Plus you can infect your partner.


Sit in hot water of Epson salt


I think you got bartholin cyst..


My Mom used to suffer from them. Her has to be lanced and packed daily until it healed from inside out. They tend to refill if not packed. She had diabetes and the doctor said that was why she was having them. Hope this helps. I have had a few myself. Hugd


I have one as well an I dont have a std.

What can i do??


hidradenitis suppurativa

Get checke for it


Boils are not stds . just saying... I also have 2 boils on my vagina the biggest one is TAKING up my whole vagina lip and the other one is smaller and right beside it. It hurts so bad. They started off small now they are growing rapidly and increasing in pain I have no clue what to do. Lancing is not an option... I hope anyway ouch!

lady bug

I HAVE ONE ALSO AND THANK God its not a std I believe its from stress as well as having sex with a condom that may rub up against your vagina


Bacterial vaginitis leaves boils as a sign of the infection this is not a std but it needs treatment

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