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As of yesterday my gynl diagnosed me with GH. When I found out I found myself crying on and off for a few hours, I was freaking out. I feel absolutely disgusting & this is literally the WORST pain I have ever had to endure. I wouldn't even wish this on my worst enemy. My Dr prescribed Lidocaine and Acyclovir. The Lidocaine helps but it only last for about 30 minutes and then I start feeling the pain slowly come back. I work as a server & I haven't worked since Monday and I have to go back tomorrow night. I have no idea how I'm going to be able to work with such pain down there. I can barely sleep cause the pain keeps me up at night. Last night I woke up & started crying because I was so overwhelmed by what I am going through. I need something, anything that'll help ease this pain & make this first OB heal as soon as possible. I've had it for about 5 days now. Can anyone please help me. I'm desperate for some type of relief. I can't physically, emotionally & mentally take this anymore & it's only been 5 days :(

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I am in the same boat girl, it sucks!! The nurse practitioner at my ob diagnosed me with a uti this past wed, the pain was just getting worse so I went back yesterday and it's likely my first outbreak of GH. I have the gel & even pain meds but nothing really helps and it feels like I'm pering glass. My doc suggested a warm bath in just water, I hope this works.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions for us? This is literally the most intense pain i have ever experienced!!!


Hi I recently got infected with the virus last month and went through the same excrusiating pain and unfortunately my bf who gave it to me completely disrespected me after I found out which made things worst. Acyclovir helped but now I just decided to do things naturally. Do not stress, eat right, excersize and get raw honey for those sores to heal faster. The first outbreak is by far the worst I've had a second after my menstrual but with my change of diet it was very mild. I wish you all the best and stay positive, many people suffer from this virus so you're not alone


eat plenty of broccoli almost instant results avoid peanuts chocolate caffeine especially coffee and stay away from junk foods only occasionally , the key if to eat food that boost your immune system


For GH im sorry lady to hear that I suffer since i was 12 yrs from hs type 2 the one in the mouth i remember my first outbreak was horrible last me 10 weeks or more i almost die couldn't eat i was laying down all the time. After I got Out of high school i start having OB (OutBreaks ) like 5-6 per year every 2-3 months i had one because of the way i eat junk food and alot of stress so here it goes pay attention 1st. always try to have a bottle of acyclovir pills on your house and at least 3 in a bottle with you every where you go 2nd buy some coconut pills for the inmune system drink one every two day after you eat that has help me for the last 3 years no outbreak i drink two per day or everyday when im under pressure or stress out etc 3rd eat healthy food exercise brocoli is very good drink lot of water avoid chocolate peanuts that is the worst . The 1st OutBreak is always the for worst also don't Mention the coconut pills to your doctor because lets be real they gonna tell you no or etc they want you to have outbreak more money for them trust me that's how it works. But for me these help me alot i hope it does for you ladies god bless you.. Read the bible when im down in life or in pain or going thru a hard time in life i read the bible and pray god with all my heart but now i gave my life to jesus christ and everything is way better I do it every day read the bible and pray god for everything with him by my side everything is possible and easier because he is the way the light the truth and the only way to salvation.


My PCP ( who divulged to me that she had it as well) recommended Red Marine Algae. You can usually find at a vitamin store, but if not, you can order online. Take two pills three times a day during an outbreak. Symptoms start to subside after a day and are virtually gone if not MUCH better in three days. I will now be taking one a day after this outbreak in hopes of keeping them at bay. Lidocaine ointment helps as well to ease pain immediately.


Sounds crazy, but it works for me. Neosporin makes a crème that contains ZINK and a pain reliever. You may want to give it a try. My doctor gave me a prescription for some crème (can't remember the name) but it was $95 for a tiny, tiny, tube. I noticed the main ingredient was ZINK. When at the drug store, saw the Neosporin. I thought, 'why not?' and it helped me. Hope this helps you, too.


I was diagnosed 5 years ago I use a warm compress on the sores when I have am outbreak and when they burst I use corn starch or a baking soda paste.


So I am 22 I got my first outbreak of GH at age 16, I'm just now getting my second. Forgot how bad the pain is, but I use neosporin with pain relief, and hold an ice pack down there. I looked up to take a bath with epsom salt, and to use ecahnesha tea bags, just set them on the soars twice a day. Remember to make tea out of them first. Don't use dry bags.. But it is helping me a lot and also my doctor told me about the tea, it helps to were you don't have outbreaks that often. Worked for me for over 6 years.. Hope this helps


I used Tylenol pm take one crush it up, make a paste out of it and rub on sores it works! Numbs them and helps make them go away I would do this at night time and it helped me so much!!


I've found that diaper cream helps to ease the pain. I mix badger cream which has zinc oxide and beeswax with Berts bees diaper cream/baby powder ointment and apply it to the whole area. Helps the pain subside immediately and helps to dry out the sores. Make sure the area is always dry and the cream is worked in to the areas. I try to think of it like a blister from a shoe or a bad pimple. The faster it pops and dries out the faster it will go away

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