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I've read a lot of comments on here and there are many good ideas. I've suffered with an anal skin tag since I was a teenager, for about 14 years now! It really gets me down. I've been to the doctors about it and seen 3 different doctors to see if they can remove it on the NHS but was told it was 'cosmetic' and would set me back £1000! So I am considering a home remedy. It's about the size of a small grape, so the base of it is a little thick, probably about 1cm? this is what is worrying me. Advice appreciated!!! -L

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Not brave

Don't do it yourself. It's very painful. Very messy too. It is uncomfortable beyond belief and actually harder to do than you think. Pain stops you tying it really tight. And the thing seems to live on in its new mutilated strapped up form. I very much regret attempting it as it has just made things worse. Very unhappy right now!

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