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Chew dry bread until it becomes sticky and had the consistency of a paste, then press into the cavity covering the exposed nerve and the entire hole. Before I tried this I was in agony and not able to sleep with pressure headaches and no way of reliving them. This method allowed me to sleep at least relatively pain free

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Ty so much! Im pregnant and have an appointment to see an oral surgeon but I have to wait a week. This was a great idea!!

billy d

Omg finally it stopped. .Thank you. .that is the most awful pain I wouldn't wish on any one. .my teeth have always been the worst but that is the best trick ever. ..thanx again


But if anything touches it its hurts


If anything touches it hurts bad just my saliva or when I breathe through my mouth??? if I put the bread in crack it hurts too! :/

charles king

The sugar in the bread made it more painful. I dont advise this.


I just tried this bread suggestion and OMG it worked immediately I had also tried everything you could possibly think of clove oil, Orajel, Sensodyne toothpaste,etc. Thank you so much for this suggestion I know it seems a little weird but trust me when you're in pain you'll try anything and since it's the weekend I can't get to a dentist untill Monday ,it's a lifesaver!!!????


It works for me! Thank u

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