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The reason for some cases of dry eye is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. These are the glands located along the eye lids that let out small amounts of lubricant each time you blink. If these glands are clogged, dry eye results.

The simplest home remedy (and most effective) I have found is to place a hot water bottle over the eyes while lying down. The hot water bottle should be heated to a temperature that is comfortingly warm enough to keep on the eyes for 20 minutes (not too hot). If this is done for a week, once each day, and improvement results, then clogged glands were probably at least part of the cause of the dry eye.
Also never rinse your eyes with cold water -- always warm -- when washing your face.

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Barbara Knapp

Thank you for sharing this remedy. Just wanted to ask that do we have to do it everyday? I'm not clear with it.

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