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You can remove any size tag at home in 30 minutes to an hour. This is the quickest, most painless way to get rid of anal skin tags. I'm passing this on because I just did it for the first time after a really bad first attempt and it worked amazingly, hardly any bleeding, no pain. Gone in 30 minutes. Here:

1. Take a long piece of dental floss and tie it as close to the base of the tag as possible. This is tricky because of the location of the skin tag, but do your best.

2. Here's the important part. Take both ends of the floss and pull them, TIGHT, to the point where it fees uncomfortable and past that. You're cutting off circulation.

Note: This is different than those methods that tell you to tie it off and let it fall off by itself in a few weeks. Because that method is definitely not tight enough to completely cut off circulation and the thing will most likely not die immediately, but swell and become painful, and overall just make the next couple of weeks miserable for you. No, you need to hold that string as tight as you possibly can for only a short time!

How long? Well if you google how long it takes to kill cells due to lack of oxygen/circulation it only takes six minutes. Let's be safe and hold it for 10 minutes. As tight as you can is the key!!

3. Test sensitivity of the area. After really squeezing off the circulation for ten minutes, the thing should be completely numb, might even have turned blackish. Pinch it as hard as you can, to the point where you pierce the skin. You should feel absolutely nothing. If you do feel something though, repeat step 2.

4. Cut it off. Hold it by the top and direct your disinfected scissors to the base and SLOWLY cut, this will ensure that you don't accidentally cut off still living tissue. If the thing has died then this should be 100% painless.

5. Disinfect and put antibiotics on the wound. It might bleed a little bit but shouldn't be anything very serious.

Yep, there you go. Hope that was clear cut and helpful!

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