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Joe Blake

Two very simple, silly solutions have provided relief to virtually everyone who has tried them. I offer them here. I know they are silly. But consider them harmless in execution and may work immediately:
1.Bar of Ivory soap. A bar of soap placed in proximity to or in contact with the legs provides IMMEDIATE RELIEF of restless leg symptoms. Other bars of soap are also effective.
2. Aloe Vera. After trying numerous gels which provide a cooling sensation(menthols) or a warming sensation(icy hot), some restless leg sufferers now apply aloe vera to their legs a couple of hours (or less) before bedtime. Aloe vera also provides IMMEDIATE relief. Do not wash it off. Simply apply and leave. Try to find 100% Aloe(typically clear, must be ordered online, sometimes available at Walgreen's).

Perhaps these methods could be called the placebo effect. But, I suffered restless legs for decades, and soap and aloe vera has provided years of relief. Furthermore, they represent no harm to the user, are inexpensive, and at most would cost an afternoon of time.

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JOE BLAKE, you gave a home remedies for RLS. will Irish spring work




Day 3 using the soap/aloe vera fix and it's helping. Put a used bar of Dove unscented under the bottom sheet. Had a bottle of Ocean Potion Ice (aloe vera with lidocaine) handy. Rubbed that into his legs 2 hours before bedtime and he isn't spending all night stretching and walking around the bedroom. I've actually overslept 2 mornings in a row because he didn't get up at 4am. If it stops working we'll try another home remedy. So far this is working.


Ivory soap and dove soap between the sheets seem to be working the best for me. Nonevasive, doesn't hurt, you're not taking pills and besides your sheets smell good.

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