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I'm 20 and I've been dealing with bacterial vaginosis for a few years now. It came about before I was sexually active or anything so I was always really embarrassed and scared to speak up about it. I went to the doctor and got antibiotics and everything went away until a month later. Now its gotten to the point where its affecting my love and social life and I need a cure fast. I stay home all the time because I feel dirty and disgusting, I'm also not a fan of inserting vaginally so PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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Hi. I struggled with this terrible disease almost three years. My symptoms were awful...itching, odor and secretion. going to the doctor, he gave me some vaginal suppositories Cervugid, which have healed me after 2 months of treatment. Now I am very happy that i got rid of BV


Try eating more citrus fruits. The sour ones, not sweet oranges but eat grapefruit in the morning or you can make juice with it and add other fruits to it for sweeter taste if you're a juicing kind of person. What I did was simply add half a lemon or lime to a whole bottle of cold drinking water and drinking it first thing when you wake up. Hours later or before bed you get the other half and add it to your water to drink. Don't add any sugar and continue this for the next couple of days till symptoms disappear completely. I saw results two hours after the second half of the lemon! No more discharge!!! And the smell is less strong. By day two the discharge was completely gone and the smell was gone completely by day 3-4


Stop using soap- use only fiminine vaginal wash. Not summers eve, go to your local dollar tree and buy assured vaginal wash and follow directions. Do this twice a day. Stop drinking sodas- drink only water even add fruits to it to make yourself drink it. Try this for 30 days.Especially sweet tea, it makes your ph balance worse causing discharge. Stay away from sweets- this stuff is only going to make you discharge worse. Dont smoke- makes u itch down there. Dont take hot baths- this dries you out down there and bacteria loves to hang out in warm places. If you douch only use cold water. Make him use a condom until you get your lunch box together. And last- stay away from antibiotics, its only goi g to come back with a vengeance. Buy products specifically made to help your vaginal. Just like they have shampoo for your hair, and lotions for your skin, they have items strictly for the vaginal...hope this helps.....God bless you


I'm 15 years old and I was on antibiotics but it made me sick so I stopped taking them I'm trying a apple cider vinegar bath at the moment I'm hurting, itchy, uncomfortable. It even burns . I have had around it dry up and it's killing me any help please


Try IBGARD peppermint oil tablets I started taking them for ibs caused by taking too many metronidazole pills over the last 16 yrs of this horrid bv. I'm not sure how it works but for some reason it has so far and it's been 2 months


3 words boric acid suppositories

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