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I'm 21 years old and was just diagnosed with GH in August just a couple days before my birthday. My boyfriend cheated on me and of course right after that I completely ended it , but now everyday I have to suffer for it . I have depression and knowing I now have herpes and feeling scared to have sex with anyone , it makes my depression 20x worse . I'm on my second outbreak . Seems like it's lasting longer than my first one . How can I get it away as soon as possible . It's uncomfortable and it's driving me crazy . I tried putting lemons on it , because I seen that as a home remedy and still didn't work and I'm also taking acyclovir . Any suggestions ?

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Few drops of Apple cider vinigar with the "mother"during outbreak. When taking a shower put some aloe vera oil and rinse with water.

Early red and itchy symptoms- do not wet coz it will irritate more and blisters will grow. Put lemon and leave it for 12 hrs before taking a bath.

Hope this help... =)


Research Izumio water, helps with herpes. Also change diet raw vegetables stay away sugar, sodas, caffeine. Try oregano oil extra organic and mix it with extra virgen olive oil, put under tongue for 10 minutes drink water. Depression and stress use Izumio water. Also you can try cococunt oil. Everything has to be organic vegetables and meats. Stay postive and dont stress, have alot patience. Hope this helps.

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