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I was 18 when I began to show symptoms of BV. The first thing you automatically run to is a douche. I've used this for years even though I read over and over to NEVER douche! Of course it's the easiest solution, but it's temporary. The more you use it, the less it helps to mask the smell. I soaked in vinegar and water ONCE and that seemed to work, but only for a few days. I began taking Acidophilus which WORKS if you take it EVERYDAY. I stopped taking them and it came back. Then I was prescribed METRO GEL, and that seemed to help for a month and then after my period came, and so did the smell. The smell continued through both my pregnancies at the age of 19 and the age of 23. But I will say that the smell wasn't as strong from age 22-23 as in my younger years. I also have a different sex partner, which is the result of my second pregnancy. So, not sure if the first person 'caused' it, but during my second pregnancy, it completely went away and it's been 4 months now, even after baby. I will say that I was on an antibiotic for a foot injury and once I began taking it, the smell has not been back since. Really weird, the name of it is 'Cephalexin'. I'm not encouraging anyone to get a toe nail injury to take this! If you can abstain from having sex for like a month or 2 while you take Acidophilus, I honestly think that is your best solution to balancing your PH. And also eat correctly.

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