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Hi all,
I am a chronic sufferer from the infamous piles since I was 12. Now I am 42 means 30 years of unbroken anal bliss, tried so many treatments except that dreaded surgery and wish to share few thoughts.
1) piles isn't curable, merely controllable, how much time in remission you get depends on your lifestyle, diet and stars.
2)a mixture of treatments help, rather than a single one.
Cutting the usual crap, known to everyone, I will go straight to the point how I got some relief from my latest attack
Sitz bath, nitrogesic, nifedipine, diltiazem, lidocaine did not provide any lasting benefit, merely numbed it for sometime.
Most of the google searches advocate aloevera and a host of other natural chemicals.
Few report excellent benefit with honey.
i combined everything together. This is my routine, how it is.
I mix apple cider in hot water, 50: 50. Then wash the infalmed haemorrhoids with that. i think a sitz bath with the same would be in order.
Then I take a hot water bath.
I lightly wipe the area to make it dry, but not too much.
Then I lie on the bed , expose the area and direct hot air from a hair dryer from a distance.
When quite dry I apply natural honey locally.
Next I apply a cream called addcure, something given to patients after radiation for a soothing effect, it has almost all the natural agents listed on the net for piles viz. aloe vera, green tea leaf oil, salicylate, bees wax vit E total 28 ingredients.
Lastly I direct hot air from the dryer once more, but not too much, since honey would be degraded.
I am not a marketing agent for addcure, simply got it from a doctor who saw my suffering ,I myself saw it had all the suggested ingredients in one go, so chose it, and care two hoots if you think I am promoting it.
Hope this helps.

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