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Desperate to find a relief for the itching, I, too, went to the online home remedies. I typically get a rash - never blisters - but it usually lasts 6 weeks. By that time, I am at my wits end. I read rubbing table salt on the rash would bring the oil to the top. So I did that, and then washed the areas with Dawn dishwashing liquid. I went almost 8 hrs. with no itching at all. Thanks to whoever submitted their grandmother's cure-all. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have had to re-do the process once - and likely will again, but I truly believes this works. I then apply alcohol to help dry it out.

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well, trying this...but it broke open all the blisters, which made the salt STInG! then washed with DAWN, had to put a bandage on it because it was oozing so much...Every damn year I get poison ivy, carried in on the fur babies! UGH!! I thought I had killed it all!

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