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My daughter had developed excema all over her body. I took her to a dermatologist, and was displeased because he acted like he was afraid to touch her. She noticed his actions. When we left his office she asked me why did he act like she was poison? I told her he was still ignorant in his practice. I talked to a clinic doctor who my sister worked for and he prescribed Elacon. I think I am spelling it right. She used it and in about 3 days it was gone. We also prayed along with it. She has never had it since. She was 12, now she is 28!!!

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The product is Elocon- and yes, it works absolute wonders. Most of my flare ups have disappeared in a couple of days- if not overnight. Unfortunately, though, it is not a cure, and long-term dependence of steroid creams can have a negative effect on your skin.


my son is 3 yrs old and has had eczema since he was 2mths.we tried elocon and it worked for a few weeks but then it came back worse than before.if this happens you may try works wonders however i hope he wont always have to use it.he has grown out of it some but with using that and aveeno products we can keep it under control.


Elocon is the only product I have found that works for my son. It is true, once you start applying it, the eczema clears up in about three days. It is the best.


I had a bad flare up that lasted 2 years before I was given elocon. They used it to treat a skin allergy to nickel that spread all over my arms, nec, eyes, and stomach. It cleared up like a miracle and I went without eczema of any sort for about 5 years. Now I have developed a stress-related eczema and the elocon isn't helping. I think it depends on the type, but for contact dermatitis, elocon is definitely a miracle!

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