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I am 30 years old fit and healthy. I am 10 stone and have never smoked, drink little and exercise regularly. I started to get boils a year ago. The first time I encountered one - I had no idea what is was. Stupidly, I though it was just a spot and kept a plaster over it and not knowing what I was dealing with. The boils started out on my inner thighs. I had been having lots of oil massages in Thailand and it was towards the end of the holiday I got the boils (1 per month). OK - to cut to the case - I have found the following to be effective. Plenty of long hot epson salt hot baths. Then wash the boil with baby wipes and somehow magically it starts draining. I have tried all sorts - though this has been the most effective. Keeping the the boil warm and moist does have huge benefits - though you need to agitate the boil with vinegar, tea leaf extract etc. The baby wipes was an accident - and worked out brilliant. I also take anti-biotics - fluxolaxcillin. Hope this helps.

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