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first sorry for the english that is not the best.
i have had a cyst in my butt (sacrococcygeal as they call it) and i done removal cirgury twice but it came back again and i need to remove it. it infects a lot of times and a doctor gave me two ideas to stop the infection. the problem is that it only works if the infection is in the beginning. so here it is : ice and talcum powder. ice will make the region less good for the bacterias to spread and should be applied 3 times a day or more. talcum powder will prevent the spot from beeing wet from sweat for example and should be used all the time when we go out, or when use pants ,so throught the day.
the key is keep that spot cold and dry most of the time. clean the place with cold water and dry it very well every day and you will see that it works. again, it only works if you catch it in the beggining or else it wont work
hope it helps for you and again sorry for the bad english

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