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Mark (

Try drinking very very hot water (about as hot as you can stand it), my grandmother showed me this, and 15 years later it still works for the most part. Also, not to sound like a bulimic, however if nothing from above works (i tried everything to no avail only a couple times) Make yourself vomit. This is because you most likely was poisoned by something (undercooked meat, and bad milk, are only few of the most obvious) and the reason you get the stomach aches because the your body is trying to push the poison out, so you just assist it a little bit. Like I said, this should be used as an absolutely last resort because constant comiting can do serious damage to your trachia (I am horrible at spelling, my apologies), but after doing that, you honestly do feel fine. I have used this method about 2 times in my lifetime and it honestly does make the pain go away. So if you can 'stomach' making yourself vomit, try that. Also, please be aware, this is coming from a 20 year old who does not know all, and I am sure that most of you if not all are older. So please do no critize me and chew me apart. Thank you!

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Actually the vomiting is true. I do it when I have no choice and what ever is being destroyed in your body by stomach acids in you is gotten rid of the small bit left is easier for your body


I've had a terrible stomach for the past few days and last night made myself sick, I felt great for half an hour or so but then the old pains come back. I've done it twice more today through desperation but it's not worked as a cure and only as temporary relief.

Heidi Gonzalez

ugh well im in search of a real remedie that works hehe im also in my 20's im 24 yr old mom of two and my baby (4yrs old) has a tummy ache and she is vomating.. what to do if she is already vomating..humm maybe a mint tea sweetend with honey?? i dont know help.. if any one has a good tip let me know thanks


True, this should only be used as a last resort. Having said that, I had horrid stomach pains one night and using the 'restroom' wasn't helping so out of ideas and in pain, I made myself vomit. I'm almost afraid to say that it worked, but it did. Turns out, the friends I had eaten with were sick that night too and we all had food poisoning, only I had a less severe bout of it because I got it out of my systm early. So yes, it can work, but use this remedy with caution.


the vomiting does work ... it works so much so that i did it until i tore my esophogus and started throwing up blood

Chef Chris

I am a chef and the Best thing to do about food poisoning is to take a multi vitamin and vitamin b. They replace what the poison destroys and can help prevent food poisoning.


Man if any of us has a stomach ache we aren't going to 'chew you out':) Just saying:) and don't apologize for being twenty cause this was a good idea compared to some others:) This message is approved by a younger then twenty male!


Yes you are correct if you've been poisonedor poisoned your self with alcohol when in the hospital u are put on a stomach pump which sucks all the bad poison out further more the stomachs is washed with water to wash away I'm twenty four too I find as a last resort drink sumthing soothing lemon or mint tea be sick the lemon or mint helps to sooth. Then I swill my mouth out and sip plenty of water Luke warm water with honey or mint just be aware I still have stomache ache but it is nearly gone to wher I can relax and sleep

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