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I enjoyed reading each story this evening. I've suffered with BV for years now, there is no real cure. I've come to learn that by drinking too much wine in one month or using body perfumes, scented shower gels too often 'awaken BV' BV does start with your pH changing. That means 'you' can awaken her by just changing shower gels.. Well, for me at least. I've learned to use GOLDENSEAL.. Goldenseal has changed my outlook. I take about 40 drops in a shot glass of water three times a day. Within the first shot glass you will notice all the discharge will dry and go away. Literally can make love within the first two hours and not be scared to death of smelling like a fish factory. I've study, researched, took my time looking for away to treat this condition on my own. I find mysel embarrassed returning to the Dr for medication. Do your research, give goldenseal a try. It doesn't taste great, it's better then smelling like fish.

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Wow I've never heard of goldenseal until just reading your post. I just looked it up and read about it and I like that it is a natural herb and I read that it helps with so many things. I may try this remedy to clear my BV


Where can you find it?

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