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Hey everyone I just wanted to share my success story and let you all know there is hope. Back in 2009 I noticed a bump and didn't think nothing of it. I thought it was just a shaving bump that wouldn't go away until I went to the gynecologist for my monthly pregnancy check up. That's when I found out that the bump was actually genital warts. I was so embarrassed I wanted to cry right there. Long story short I was too embarrassed to even go back and get treatment so I decided to start looking up home remedies for genital warts when I ran into this website and saw so many people using ACV - apple cider vinegar. Let me tell you how this changed my life. I used to dip a cotton ball and rub on the wart with it until I made the wart fall off and bleed I then dabbed it a little more with acv and went to bed. I always did this at night because the smell is so strong. Yes this was a little painful but I wanted them gone! I started seeing results. Less and less I would stop getting the warts. In late 2010 early 2011 I completely stopped getting them it's 2015 now and I have not seen a wart since. ACV worked wonders for me maybe it will change your life too! Your life isn't over there is hope. I hope I was able to change someone's life with this post. Just wanted to let you all know that acv truly worked for me! :)

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How many times u did this?


hi. what if the warts is in the hole and the right cheeks of the pinky vagina. is it okey to use acv in it? please relpy.


FYI vaginal warts or any warts are not life threatening, inconvenient yes! These dramatics should be saved for reality tv. Warts and moles both are fungal related. Clean with ACV then apply raw unrefined coconut oil. Take good probiotics and systemic enzymes. Lay off the sugar.

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