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Happy Vajayjay

Vitamin C is heaven sent I've dealt with Chronic BV on and off for 4years (I'm married and very much in love with my husband) I know the pain of. Wanting to make love to my husband and can't because I smell like a fish combo from Captain D's, but he never complained (blessed his little heart bc if I can smell it every time we make love I know he can :/) it really took a hit at my self esteem, I felt dirty&I was depressed and wanted to not interact with my family in fear that they would smell me. I've tried all the antibiotics that my good ole doc prescribed,douche with peroxide and Apple cider vinegar yes it went away for a month or so but later came back even worse before. I found out that the antibiotics not only killed the bad bacteria that was causing the nuisance down there but it killed the good bacteria that my vajajay need to flourish and stay happy. So I searched and searched and I came across a website and the woman was telling how she was battling with BV for over 20years? (I don't think I could manage that long) but she said she use regular Vitamin C. She insert a capsule every night before bed for a week just to see what the results. I followed her advice and went to my local Dollar General store and purchased a bottle of Vitamin C with rose hips and I start for one week then stop the next week and I seen a big difference. No smell, itchy and discharge. I made love to my husband and he was looking at me like 'where have you been all my life'? Lol. Vitamin C is the best thing that has every happen to me. I would recommend it to anyone who has struggle with trying to get rid of BV. :)

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How did you insert Amit and where you get it from


How do you insert the vitamin C


It appears that vaginosis has been triggered by taking veltrex for herpes.i have been using flagyl nightly the gel. Seemed to be working but after 7 days my symptoms are back.I never had the fishy smell but very red and inflamed. Has anyone else had herpes as well. I am beginning to think one is starting to irritate the other but I don't want to take veltrex as it may make things worse😕


Oops meant to add I have started taking probiotics and apple cider vinegar. Evidently they help balance PH levels. Which will hopefully help. Has anyone else had any luck with this?


where do you insert the vitamin c? in your vagina or mouth??


How many mgs were they?


You insert the vitamin C vaginally. It is suppose to restore the ph in the vagina. Do not have intercourse after you have inserted Vitamin C, as it will burn the guy's penis. Also ensure that you push the Vitamin C as high up in vagina as possible, as it burns if it is not inserted far up.

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