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No lie!!!! if you cut up an onion and put like two rings on your foot then put socks on, it will cure a fever! It works when the onion turns brown it means your fever is gone! if this doesn't work try again by the second time it will work! (works best with clean feet!)

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Tori Hunter

The onion really does work. Just so all will know the onion thing is an old Indian thing. If you are like me you know that you are saved by your beliefs. Be safe and GOD bless.


Thank you so much it worked and my son is happy again


I just heard of this and im desperate my son has had a 103 fever for 2 days now...went to Dr its viral... just tylenol motrin and wait til it breaks....well i tried this I'll let ya know in the am if it works!


So I just gave this a try, and WOW!!!! It worked.....FAST!!!! Thank You :)


This works wonder! My daughter had fever for a week, her fever keeps coming back, we gave her motrin, ibuprofen didnt work, so we tried the onion we thought it was crazy but id try anything just to make my baby feel better and in the morning, her fever was gone! So im a believer :)


Oh my. IM a believer. This worked when nothing else did for my 4yr old.

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