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No lie!!!! if you cut up an onion and put like two rings on your foot then put socks on, it will cure a fever! It works when the onion turns brown it means your fever is gone! if this doesn't work try again by the second time it will work! (works best with clean feet!)

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my Mom used to do this to me as well. I hated everything about it except for the fact that I got the bedroom all to myself(thanks to the smell). But it did work.


Thanks so much for the onion remedy!!! I used it on my husband. He was so out of it that he didn't know I stuffed sliced onion in his socks. 45 min later he was up and around saying he felt better. He was grossed out when he realized he had onion in his socks but, it worked!!!


It works since slew of viruses love onions than humans! Trust me...that is one of the reasons why onion rings turn brown/black when used on ill people. Consume more of onion (in soup for example) and keep the cut onion close to the ill when needed. Someone told me even it works with peeled and cut pieces of garlic...never tried though yet.


My mother used to do this when I was a child. I hated it! I think I willed my fever away just to get rid of the onions.


My 10 month old daughter has had a 102.1 fever for 3 and a half days straight...i just put onions in her socks for the first time.....let you know if it works or not!

Justin ****

Grrr... My mom put did this to me and I don't even have a fever :P

ohh well maybe i'll stop coughing. *cough* *cough*


This really work. My mom used to use it on me when I was little. I use it on my kids too.

kavita G.

It really works. My 7 years old had a fever and inspite of giving her fever medicine, it did not come down in fact it seems increasing.... I tried this remedy and within 30 minutes her fever subsidised. Thanks a lot for everyone's comments.


I was on here looking for other remedies and saw this. I found this cure years and years ago online and have done it ever since. ALWAYS have worked for me. Never turned brown but always worked. I had the chicken pox last year, i was twenty seven, had a fever or 105 and above. Brought it down myself doing this and repeadly do it on my son. Like i am tonight. He had 102.5 and within in an hour went to ninety nine. Had to do it again cause of it going back up but this ALWAYS works. My hubby thinks i'm nuts. But the first thing my son asks for when sick is onion socks lol. It stinks and it hates it but he knows it works.



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