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I noticed that I was developing a bump of some kind right by my anus a couple of weeks ago. It grew to a little less than a quarter inch in size. It was very soft and loose, just like a skin tag I had a couple of years ago on my buttocks. I tied a piece of dental floss around it, but unlike my previous experience, it did not turn color and fall off after 6 days. I finally snipped it off with a pair of sterilized toenail clippers. Just felt a little pinch and that was it. The floss was still tied to the base of it. The was no blood initially; I just checked the cotton pad and it did bleed out a little tiny bit. But what a relief to finally have it off of me.

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:( I had a bad experience too, it got really swollen and just tried one day, the pain was unbelievable! It was a very hard day! So I went home from work and with a disinfected scissors I just cut the skin tag off my ass! A lot less painful than this stuped dental floss idea!

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