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So four days ago I noticed a lump that had stated to form on my lady parts at first I thought it was an ingrown hair, so I did my research on how to bring the hair to the surface. I had tried hot packs for serval hours that night and had my boyfriend try and pull the hair out, but we couldn't find a hair. The next day it only grew bigger and more painful so I tried taking several Epsom salt baths and showers. I also tried making a paste with honey and aspirin just hoping to at least relieve some of the pain. Nothing was working, by the third day my vaginal was so swollen and was not looking good the pain was so unbareable I couldn't lay down sit or stand. My boyfriend ended up taking me to the emergency room to where we sat for 3 hours, the hospital was terrible they kept calling people in who had came in after I did and they didn't look like they were in critical condition or else I wouldn't have minded. I ended up discharging myself because the chairs were very uncomfortable and I felt I needed to lay down. So I went home took some Advil pm so I could get some sleep. The next day I did some more research and found some people were saying boil eases worked well, so I took myself to Walgreens in hopes they carried the product thank god they had it I came home and applied it to the top of the boil and covered it with some gauze and took a nap, but he time I woke up 3 hours later the boil had popped all on its own, no lancing no painful squeezing. So I recommend to any one who has a boil please try boil ease first before home remedies I wish I had hear about it sooner so I didn't have to go trough that pain for four days honestly the worst pain I have ever had and I have even had surgery. I hope this can help someone, good luck

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